Palermo a strategic city to learn Italian

  • IH Palermo is participating in ICEF Berlin 2016
  • International House Language Centre hosted the 19th International House Agents Workshop between 6-8 March Hotel delle Palme.

International House Palermo wishes to promote the study of Italian as a second language, as it is rich of culture and can be useful for study, work, tourism or just for fun.The Italian language is generally appreciated because of fashion, cuisine, fast cars, lifestyle and tourism in general.

Every year we strenghen our business connections between International Language Agents and Palermo. Our partnerships create new language learning opportunities for many linguistic travellers. IH Palermo is proud of the beauties of our city (monuments, buildings and museums) and Island. Agents help us to divulge the best traditions and excellences where Sicily stands out as an Italian region.

Language tourists who come to Palermo to study tend to stay for at least two weeks and learn to appreciate the colours, the tradition, the architecture, the sea and the flavours of Palermo as well as the Italian language.

For many years our city has seen a increasing number of language learners' coming from different countries like Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, USA, China and others.

Palermo has many opportunities to offer. We want to carry on establishing the importance of Italian as a second language internationally. It is a reality that is growing majorly in Italy that we are happy to be working in.

Why become an IH Palermo agent?

International House Palermo is the oldest Language Centre in Palermo and has a long experience in teaching Italian to International students.

When you are in the business of sending students abroad, you want to be sure that they will get what is promised and be delighted with their stay. We strive to achieve that.

With IH Palermo, students will improve their language knowledge and skills and have a great time in Sicily!

How to become an agent for International House Palermo.

Becoming an agent for International House Palermo is very easy. Contact us, we will send you the Agent's Manual.

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