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There are eight Italian levels, from Real Beginners to Advanced. The courses are for students of eighteen years of age and above.

For levels from Elementary upwards an entry test is necessary to assess the level of the student and to place the student in the correct class at the appropriate level.

Class numbers range from a minimum of three to a maximum of 12 students. The length of each lesson varies from three lessons per day to four lessons per day during which the student will be able to explore different aspects of the language including: speaking, reading, writing and listening.

students in the patio
Students in the Patio


General Italian

All levels are available from real Beginners to Advanced. Students who have already studied Italian will be tested on arrival and placed in classes according to their level and needs. If a student is not a complete Beginner, it is also possible to start classes on the second and on the third week.


Special Courses

Italian special courses are a combination of General Italian Intensive courses plus tailored courses or additional activities.

A Special Courses’ Application form will be sent upon students’ request.

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