A short history of IH

Back in 1953 when John Haycraft first set to create his first International House school, he dreamed of finally providing quality language tuition for all students. Almost 60 years later, every IH School abides to the principles he and many more historical teachers developed. The IH methodology has changed the way we learn and teach modern languages around the world. It is effective.

Importance of an IH Certificate

This is why an IH Certificate is an important recognition that is globally recognised and often accepted on an official level by local councils, government bodies and institutions.

Every IH student completing a course will receive an IH Certificate. for her/his level. An IH letter of attendance may also be produced, describing the results achieved by the student during the Italian course.


IH Palermo's official certificates and attendance letters are also recognised by AISLi, the Italian Association of Language Schools.

International Exams

IH Palermo is also an International Examination Centre and twice a year it offers the opportunity to receive official certification and for the Italian language. IH Palermo hosts CVCL exams for the Università per stranieri di Perugia with CELI.

International House Language Centre