a photo of Mondello Beach
A photo of Mondello Beach
An amazing sea landscape, the great warm-heartedness of its 1,000,000 inhabitants, and an almost perfect climate, makes it an ideal place to be at any time of the year.

Palermo (Italy) is Sicily's largest city and is one of the largest cities on the Mediterranean.
Many different cultures have left a remarkable trace of their passage through the island over the centuries.

In Palermo the influence of these civilizations can be seen in the variety and diversity of architectural styles and traditions (Greek, Byzantine, Norman, Arabic, Spanish).


This city has great cultural vitality, along with its beautiful theatres (the world-famous Massimo Theatre is the 3rd largest in Europe).

There is also an excellent cuisine based on the poor peasant tradition which dates back to a millenary Greek-Arabic school, also still present in Palermo's "Arabic" markets (some of the most picturesque places to visit indeed).

This contributes to the image of Palermo as a very lively "cultural cradle".

Please refer to the Visit Palermo website for more information on Palermo and Sicily.

A photo of Teatro Massimo
A photo of Teatro Massimo


IH Palermo organises city tours, shopping trips, museum excursions, days on the beach, sailing days out and more.

Trips, tours and excursions are advertised in the school and participations regularly collected.

Trips and tours may cost little to nothing, depending on the activity.

Have a look at our social programme to see some of the possible activities.

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